Thursday, February 27, 2014


You know, life is funny, you think something is gone for good and then bam! Like it never left, it's right back in your life 150% and for whatever reason you welcome it back with open arms completely forgetting any problems you had in the past. A girl? No. Fuck that. I'm talking about sneakers, and I'm not talking about my interest in buying, selling and trading. I am talking about the sneaker community, or at least what was once a community. Now it's an every man for himself, I would rather see you fail than see you succeed, I'll take 5 and you take none, I am better and your collection sucks world.

But I remember a time where that was different. A time where opinion was valued whether you had 1 sneaker or all 1 of 1's. A time where you could show up to an event and enjoy a variety of sneakers from throughout generations, not just the Jordan brand or Nike flavor of the week.

Now all I see is a time where you could take away the visuals and you would just think it's a room full of dudes comparing dick sizes.

A few weeks ago that changed a bit for me. I tuned into The Sitdown for the first time, not for any reason other than I had the pleasure to grab lunch with Jay Corbin a few years back and besides being one of the most knowledgeable people about anything from NYC culture to sneakers he is just down right hilarious. So I said fuck it, I've been separated from this whole sneaker gimmick for long enough to tune in and give it a shot. Why not.

Now before I hit you with how I felt about the show. I need to point out one thing. A lot of people my age probably think Jay and Drew are old school heads with old school views, I don't disagree, I just think there's a time and a place for that. Oddly enough, this is their show. Their time. Their place. That simple.

What these two guys are doing is beyond that of any blog, online magazine, YouTube channel, YouTube magazine stream radio frequency bitmap trendy hype whatever the fuck you call it. This is it. No bullshit. No sugar coating. They aren't here to grow subscribers and have pairs seeded to them. This is not a gimmick to hopefully please someone at Nike. This is them being 100% real in a time where real does not exist. If you can't fuck with that, you are the problem.

I'm gonna cut this off right now because if I go on ranting I'll take up way more space than need be. In the future do yourself a favor, give em a retweet, tune in and share your opinion with these guys. Help build what was once a fun world that we lived in outside our daily lives. When you weren't ashamed to be "on of those guys standing outside footlocker".

Why not right?

- Guru

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